Pseudomugil reticulatus - photo© Hans Herbert Boeck

Pseudomugil reticulatus

Allen and Ivantsoff, 1986
Vogelkop Blue-eye

Species Summary
Pseudomugil reticulatus is a small species, slender and laterally compressed, growing to a length of around 3-4 cm SL. They have a bluish-green translucent body; abdomen and swim bladder region silvery. Upper half of first dorsal fin and anterior half of second dorsal, edge of anal fin, brick red. Dorsal and ventral contour posterior to second dorsal and anal fins edged with similar red. Upper and lower third of caudal fin also red. Head with red tinge, ventral fins pink. Eyes intensely blue. Edges of some scales on abdomen contoured with black. Females similar in colouration. Eggs are orange-red in colour.

Distribution & Habitat
Currently known only from the Ajamaru Lakes region in Vogelkop Peninsula, Irian Jaya. They were collected about two kilometres east of Ayamaru (Ajamaru) Lake in the centre of the Vogelkop Peninsula. The lakes are located at the headwaters of the Ajamaru River which drains into the Kais River, eventually flowing into the Ceram Sea to the south. Habitat variable, relatively clear shallow water, with abundant vegetation. The lakes and streams are alkaline with pH always slightly above neutral (7.1-7.6). Water temperate about 26-27°C. Co-occurs with Melanotaenia boesemani. They have also been collected from the Manggosa and Saengga rivers (Siripa Creek, Burma Hill Creek, Texas Creek) on the north coast of the Bomberai Peninsula, where they co-occur with Melanotaenia irianjaya. Both rivers flow north into Bintuni Bay .

Live specimens were collected by Heiko Bleher in 1998 and Charles Nishihira in 2004. However, they are not readily available in the retail aquarium hobby being mainly kept by a few aquarists who are principally interested in rainbowfishes.

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Updated August, 2015

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Pseudomugil reticulatus